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Natural products


Fragrances That Last

Nubian Necessities By Lady Kay, LLC understands that scents can have a powerful impact on the brain and be capable of sometimes instantly influence our emotions. With this in mind, we offer our customers uncut oil fragrances, body oils, uncut essential oils, various natural and Vegan friendly products, at reasonable prices. We also can tailor some products to fit the consumer depending on the request. Nubian Necessities by Lady Kay, LLC fragrance oils gives customers the freedom to create their own signature scents to use on their body, in a burner or diffuser. Nubian Necessities By Lady Kay, LLC oils are inspired by various designers and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with any designers or name brands.


Why Fragrance Body Oils?

A little bit of oil goes a long way, so you get more for your money. The fragrance oils typically last much longer than perfumes. Most perfumes and colognes are usually only 15% oil and contain primarily alcohol and added chemicals. With fragrance body oils, you receive merely the pure and uncut oil. Oil scents lasts longer than perfumes or colognes. Additionally, these oils moisturize the skin and, in most cases, blend well with individual body chemistry. Our fragrance oils are OUR version of designer and/or other popular scents. We are NOT affiliated with any designer name brand.

2 Kings 4:7

Then she came and told the man of God. And he said, Go, sell the oil, and pay thy debt, and live thou and thy children of the rest.




How We Started

Our company understands that scents can leave a lasting impression, so we strive to provide you with un-cut fragrance and essential oils that last.

At Nubian Necessities By Lady, our focus is to provide quality products to consumers that are safe for both the community and environment. Our products are highly concentrated, Most of our products are vegan friendly and organic and/or natural.

What makes us unique is that we believe in value-added  customer service and we embody an organization with a high sense of integrity and transparency. We also take pride in making sure our customers always come first, because we believe satisfied customers are repeat customers.

We are a minority, woman, and veteran-owned company selling and natural products. Our founder use to wear a lot of perfume and it triggered her allergies. This motivated her to offer customers a more natural fragrance that would last longer and does not trigger allergies in most. She has a grandchild with dermatitis and this encouraged her to focus more on offering fragrance-free and chemical free products that are safe for daily use.


Our Customers Are Satisfied!

“As soon as I used the scented oils I was hooked. I love that Lady Kay does all the homework and delivers a safe alternative to colognes and perfume sprays. My mother and father-in-law have terrible allergies and can’t stand strong smells, but I have been around them both with my scented oils and they both complimented how nice I smelled!!!! I even have my husband hooked on the male fragrances!”

- Cindy, Accentuated Beauty, North Carolina

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